What's New – September 2018

Release notes and new features released in Compaas in September

 We have a few exciting new features.  

🎉 Features

International Currencies - Do you need ¥, ₹,  ₽ or ₩ in your salary fields?  If you have salary bands for Japan, India, Russia or Korea and others, those can now be expressed and displayed in local (employee) currency as well as converted to USD for across-the-board comparisons.    

Export  - We have a number of calculations which may be useful for you, but perhaps we're not doing just the right filter or visualization for your needs.  Export all employee data and calculations to CSV, open up in Excel, and quickly create just the table or chart you need.  

Insights - You may see insights at the top of some pages, where we pull pertinent information out of a visualization or filter, and highlight it for you.  If you see insights, please use the thumbs-up or thumbs-down to let us know if they were interesting.  Your feedback truly helps us get better.

🎯 Fixes

  • Behind the scenes, we have new automated tests to make sure our calculations aren't getting too slow (and if they do, we "tune up" calculations and queries to make them faster).  

🌸 Other Updates

  • We had a great time at HR TechXpo last month! It was wonderful to meet so many HR leaders who care about new technology and how to build great companies.