What’s New - October 2020

🐞 Bug Fixes and 🎉 Features

Updates to Compaas Analytics:

  • Bug fixes:
    • Resolved a bug in gender graph when only 1 to 2 employees were being compared
    • Resolved a salary band zone drop down bug
  • HR Admins are now able to inline edit employee email addresses on the Permissions page
  • Added employee equity detail to team reports and a new manager team table!
  • Reorganized and renamed some of the Compaas Analytics navigation buttons
  • Updates to visualization for unknown vesting schedules

Updates to Compaas Rewards:

  • Bug fixes:
    • Redirect mobile/tablet access users to mobile notice page
    • Updated code allowing for longer signatures in Rewards Cover Letter 
  • Improved Compaas Rewards Letters export to include a summary 
  • Unknown vesting schedules now reflect as “N/A” in Rewards platform and letters for percent vested
  • Updated Compaas Rewards export to include more compensation cycle detail 
  • Updated rounding calculation in -/+ button within slates for more precision

We are still busy working on a stealth new project…. 😁

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