What's New - October 2018

Release notes and new features for Compaas

 We have a couple new features in Compaas this month as usual!  

🎉 Features

"By The Numbers" - Do you need a specific summary number to answer a question from a VP or the board? Either we have that number here, or we'd like to know so we can add it. We've organized salary, compa, band adherence, equity amounts and vesting progress, averages and totals, by zone, function, gender and ethnicity.

Function Report  - Another feature that's great for communicating is the ability to show all the important visualizations around one function (Marketing, Engineering, Sales, Biz Dev...) on one page. Without having to jump around and apply filters again and again, this for when you sit down to review how a whole job family is compensated.

🎯 Fixes

  • For companies with international zones, we show currency exchange rates in the dashboard

🌸 Other Updates

  • We updated the look of our dashboard. We made the cards more informative and the donut charts more readable.
  • Compaas turned 1.0! We first released Compaas out of beta a year ago at HR Tech.