What’s New - November 2018

Release Notes and new features for Compaas

This month we worked on tying up some loose ends.

🎉 Features

Handling employees with multiple pay items in Namely. We discovered that the "Regular" or "Default" pay object is not necessarily the pay rate that shows up in an employee's Namely API report - it might be the "Holiday/Overtime Pay" item which has a different pay rate! This required some special logic to dig deeper and find out the correct pay item.

Now you can search for employees from a search bar. Search results include an employee detail report for every employee included in analysis, as well as a manager report for each manager. We're still improving the employee detail view so comments and suggestions are welcome.

🎯 Fixes

Better handling of cases where we can't calculate compa ratio. As we've worked with companies to onboard them, we try to assign job grades to every employee and salary band targets to every salary band. With salary, job grade and salary band targets, we can calculate compa ratio for everybody and get a good picture of a whole company. But as life goes on, we know that companies add employees and don't always fill in a job grade immediately, or hire employees in other currency zones and don't yet have salary targets for those currencies. We are doing a better job of handling those cases where we can't calculate compa ratio.

As we bring in new data from your HRIS, we might import employees with data missing, such as a new employee without a known job grade. We're now doing a better job of highlighting that in the dashboard (Data & Status widget) so you can fill in data in your HRIS or alert us to what our importing processes have missed.

🌸 Other Updates

  • We now use Google Cloud Storage (fully encrypted, secure storage) to store uploaded files.
  • Our Privacy Policy has been updated now that we are certified with Privacy Shield.