What's New - May 2020

🐞 Bug Fixes and 🎉 Features

  • Bug fix: now pulling in the USD converted value for the gender graph in analytics when bucketing
  • Bug fix: updated event date uses UTC instead of local time to get year more accurately
  • Updates to Compaas Analytics:
    • Database performance enhancements 
    • Added OTE to UI for individual job grades within a job family
    • Updated labeling for salary change to delineate between a raise or reduction in pay in employee event timeline (change also reflected in Rewards) 
  • Updates to Compaas Rewards:
    • Progress on Rewards letter settings page and dashboard view!
    • Added ability to download pdfs for rewards letters
    • Added ability to exclude employees as needed in Rewards letter dashboard
    • Employee event reason now appears when hovering on employee event timeline within a slate
    • Added custom fields to accommodate unique information requests to be included in a rewards cycle 

Office and Company Life

  • The Compaas team is rearing up for yet another month of sheltering in place, juggling work and home life daily. We have unofficially become master bakers and chefs while still adhering to social distancing guidance. We hope everyone is staying healthy and sane!