What's New - March 2020

🐞 Bug Fixes and 🎉 Features

  • Bug fix: Allow for decimals on raise percentages in Rewards platform
  • Bug fix: Verification for additional budget pool in Rewards cycle
  • Bug fix: Allow for an employee compensation recommendation to be reverted back to zero 
  • Bug fix: Resolved a rendering error for budgets with a value of zero 
  • Updates to Compaas Analytics:
    • Improved logic around missing data links display in Analytics dashboard
    • Analytics export now includes a more detailed compa ratio and an employee’s anniversary date  
    • Added the option to display executive salary bands
  • Loads of improvements to Compaas Rewards:
    • Rewards capabilities have been expanded to Cash Bonus and Equity recommendations during a compensation cycle!
    • Updated slate submission and locked slate summary page to include Cash Bonus and Equity recommendations  
    • Included cash bonus and equity budget detail within summary page for slates  
    • Increased employee event information to include equity history on stock slate page
    • Direct reports who are not eligible for a merit increase review will now appear in the slate owner view! Ineligible employees display as greyed out but present
    • Updates to the raise slate user interface (UI), including formatting and text changes   
    • Added an over budget indicator to the approver view
    • New self-service buttons! HR Admins are now able to create their own Rewards export by clicking on a handy button in the Rewards UI
    • Added last raise detail at the employee level in a slate
    • We are now able to hide columns without data or analytics attached to them. For example, if a Rewards cycle is only for compensation, we are able to hide the cash bonus and equity recommendations columns. Likewise, if an employee is not eligible for cash bonus or equity adjustments, they will appear in the slate but those text fields will be greyed out
    • Updates to HR Admin and Approver UI for cash bonus and equity adjustment totals

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