What's New? March 2019 Edition

Release notes and new features for Compaas

A bunch of our work in February and March won't be very visible. As we on-boarded several more customers, we got to work with data in different formats and made our importing tools more powerful. Some of the work will show up soon though - we are now importing more employee events such as when a manager changes as well as when salary or job grade changes. We are also now importing notes on equity grants.

🎉 Features

No user-visible features except that Erica continues to create charming things for what would otherwise be white spaces in our user interface:


🎯 Fixes

  • Having a bunch of new equity grant data with vesting cliffs this past month was great. It showed up where we had a front-end inconsistency in showing an employee's "percent vested" value. We added more test cases for cliffs.
  • We fixed a couple bugs that crept in, showing up in the case where somebody logs in before we've loaded any of their data into the database. Some of the visualizations where not happy about having no data!

🌸 Other Updates

  • We moved! We had been hosted by the wonderful welcoming Samsung Next folks for a while, but it was time to get our own space. We're now in a WeWork space pretty close to the Montgomery BART station in San Francisco.
  • Events: HR Transform and HR West - Kellen and bethanye represented Compaas at a booth and at a panel.