What's New - June 2021

🐞 Bug Fixes and 🎉 Features

Updates to Compaas Analytics:

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug for employees with no equity grants
    • Resolved an employee search bug in HRBP view 
  • Added below or above pay range flags at the employee level within team tables
  • Improvements to Target Pay Mix display within Employee Reports
  • Added accuracy to the range pen marker
  • Added customizable event title within employee timeline 

Updates to Compaas Rewards:

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed new compa not showing 
    • Resolved export timeout error 
    • Fixed employee events timeline expando error
    • Updated navigate back button to be a hard link
    • Resolved New OTE column bug in cycle export 
    • Fixed global search bug in HRBP view
  • Several enhancements to the Approver experience, user interface, and a new cycle export functionality!
  • Additional fields added to the Compaas Rewards Raise Export
  • Updates and improvements for HR Admins:
    • New filters in Employees tab
    • New data fields to Employees tab 
    • New tooltips for equity and bonus rollup budget breakdown
    • Added filters in Approvers tab, and more filter types
  • Increased amount of optional data fields to show or hide for compensation cycles
  • Added global search bar
  • Added new functionality for ineligible employees within a compensation cycle
  • Improvements to search filter in slates dashboard, and ability to hide columns
  • Updated TDC and vesting rules for no grants
  • Added tooltips for unknown vesting schedules 
  • Added informational banners for users making updates via the edit all modal 
  • Updated default tab navigation rules
  • Improvements to Rewards Letters salary band images
  • Launched redesign of Slates dashboard! 

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