What’s New - June 2020

🐞 Bug Fixes and 🎉 Features

Updates to Compaas Analytics:

  • We now have base of operations analytics when making compensation comparisons and decisions for your remote employees!
  • Improved ethnicity distribution graphs
Updates to Compaas Rewards:
  • HR Admins now have the ability to:
    • include a base raise for employees before the cycle opens, allowing for market rate adjustments, bringing employees into band, or providing a cost of living adjustment 
    • click-in to an approvers name for a slick summary and roll-up view when an approver has more than one budget and slate in their approval chain
    • make inline adjustments to slate owner and approver budgets on the fly
    • bypass approval of slates as needed so that your compensation cycle isn’t interrupted by someone that is out of office or otherwise holding up the cycle 
  • Added unique and insightful tooltips within the slate view for managers and approvers that are making compensation recommendations for employees with an OTE compensation structure 
  • Rewards is now filterable by pay range and by an employee’s manager
  • Rewards letters now provide the ability to include salary band targets
  • Tweaked a few areas of employee information to be optional within a slate (e.g. job grade)
  • Operational improvements to page scrolling and to logic for custom fields 

Office and Company Life

  • The Compaas team is still sheltering in place, juggling work and home life daily. We have unofficially become master bakers and chefs while still adhering to social distancing guidance. We hope everyone is staying healthy and sane!  
  • Our Co-Founder and CEO, bethanye Blount, recently partnered with compensation experts at Gitlab to launch an entire content stream providing invaluable insight and first hand experience for companies moving from an in-office workforce to a remote-hybrid or remote-first philosophy. Check it out here!