What's new? June/July 2019 Edition

Release notes and new features for Compaas

🐞 Bugs and 🎉 Features

  • Carta import improvements - better, faster, bigger, smoother.
  • Better handling of canceled stock grants
  • OTE solution is in the wild and being tested by real customers. More improvements forthcoming. Sales teams love this one weird trick!
  • Gender distribution tool now has dynamic pay band labels to make them easier to read and more relevant
  • Stock grants that have already been exercised? We’ve got that covered. They are now more clearly indicated, and total values are treated in a smarter way.
  • If you have data about different compensation events, such as reasons for a promotion or a bonus, we now display that stuff on the timeline. Yeah! Context!
  • Bugfix - Sometimes big important employees didn’t show up correctly on team reports because they didn’t have managers. So that’s better now.
  • Bugfix - The mini profile modal didn’t automatically close when you clicked to the full profile and now it does.
  • Departments now appear in the All Data view and are sortable. Helpful!

Office and Company Life

  • This month's release notes are brought to you by Erica, working remotely from Michigan. She got a package of exclamation points in the mail and had to use them up.
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  • We're hiring! But only people who like The Smiths. Just kidding, nobody likes The Smiths.