What’s New - January 2021

🐞 Bug Fixes and 🎉 Features

Updates to Compaas Analytics:

  • Updated equity burndown chart and vesting dates visualization 

Updates to Compaas Rewards:

  • Fixed redirect bug after slate approval
  • Fixed timeout bug for HRBP access 
  • Fixed rewards export timeout 
  • HR Admins are now able to un-submit slates and send back to slate owner for corrections/updates
  • Expanded Rewards cycle export columns to include more data
  • Updated Rewards buttons with spinners to enhance user experience during data processing 
  • Enhanced HRBP functionality to include insight directly into slates aligning to their departments
  • Approvers can now bulk approve their slates!
  • Updated Rewards Letters cards to be more customizable and added Stock Value card to settings
  • Moved and updated Rewards Letters dashboard pdf download icon 
  • Updated how ‘Over Budget’ warning is displayed in slates for raise, cash bonus, and/or equity
  • Added ‘Last Bonus’ column to Equity tab 

Office and Company Life

  • The Compaas team is still sheltering in place, juggling work and home life daily. We have unofficially become master bakers and chefs while still adhering to social distancing guidance. We hope everyone is staying healthy and sane 🍞🥐🥖
  • Blogs Released: