What's New - January 2020

🐞 Bugs and 🎉 Features

  • Bug fix: resolved a bug in the "Notes" feature of Compaas Rewards 
  • Bug fix: fixed a header rendering glitch for rewards cycles without a due date
  • Bug fix: improved ability to display incomplete vesting data
  • Loads of improvements to Compaas Rewards:
    • The slate status display is now more informative for approvers and admins! You can tell if a slate has been Approved, Submitted, or still being worked on (Not Submitted)
    • Rewards now supports multiple currencies
    • A rewards cycle can have as many approvers and as many layers of approvers as you would like
    • One person can have more than one slate - this is good for managers who have direct reports in different countries or on different teams
    • Updated the message a user sees when they try to login and the company is recognized, but their email address is not
    • Show allocated and remaining budget amounts in approver tab and show percentage if it’s multi-currency

Office and Company Life

  • New blog post about the 2009 Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

  • The Compaas team expanded exponentially! We have three team members:

    • Welcome to Reena Turak, our fabulous new Senior Data Engineer! 🤖

    • Welcome to Britt Allen, our sensational new Software Engineer! 👾

    • Welcome to Jigna Panchal, our magnificent new Customer Success Data Scientist! 👩‍🔬

From the Field

  • bethanye will be speaking at HR West! Her talk is "Money Talks! Compensation Fundamentals for HR Managers”. Sign up and come see us ☺️