What’s New - January 2019

Release Notes and new features for Compaas

This month we worked on tying up some loose ends.

🎉 Features

Team Report. We reorganized the team report so that it's easier for HR to compare teams, and easier for managers to see context for their employees.

Search. We made search results more complete. If you noticed some employees didn't show up it may be that they didn't have job grades or salaries filled in -- but searching should return everybody possible. So we made sure that even employees without information can show up and included them in search.

🎯 Fixes

  • We improved how employee update code looks up employees, because sometimes employee IDs change.
  • We updated Namely importing to do a better job of identifying when the employee's salary is showing up in the API in a misleading way (Namely sometimes shows holiday pay for contractors rather than the salary value for regular pay).

🌸 Other Updates

  • Filter 'pending' employes out of Namely data updates
  • We moved from Intercom to Hubspot for knowledge base articles and online support