What's New - February 2020

🐞 Bug Fixes and 🎉 Features

  • Bug fix: Will no longer calculate allocated/remaining percentages when budgets are limitless
  • Bug fix: Approved count in Approvers Tab will no longer count other approvers on slate
  • Loads of improvements to Compaas Rewards:
    • Performance enhancements for load time of HR Admin’s Rewards Dashboard
    • New Rewards welcome page for raise cycles that are in the process of being set up
    • Approvers now see job level instead of job function when reviewing a submitted slate
    • Currency detail with slate name now available in the approvers tab
    • HR Admins are now able to use a “Send Reminders” button during a compensation cycle as a call to action for slate owners to provide compensation recommendations and submit their slate for approval 
    • Improved the Notes feature in Rewards
    • Compaas Rewards customers are now able to include a useful link to the raise cycle for approvers and owners   
    • Employees with a pending promotion during a compensation cycle will appear with the range penetration for their future job grade in an active rewards cycle 
    • Updated Compaas email domain block to allow approved email domains to ensure company-wide access 

Office and Company Life

  • Compaas moved to a new WeWork office space to make room for our growing team!