What's new? August 2019 edition

Release notes and new features for Compaas

🐞 Bugs and 🎉 Features

Big Announcement! We officially launched Compaas Rewards this month, a new tool to manage those big gnarly compensation cycles. We have already started making improvements.

Compaas Rewards

  • New Mini-timeline to show a person's compensation history while a manager is making raise recommendations.
  • Performance improvements - Switching to Future View is faster. ⚡
  • Made edits to salaries and forgot to save? We now prompt you to save if we detect changes before you click away.
  • When relevant, clicking the Compaas logo opens a dropdown menu with links to Analytics and Rewards
  • Showing a summary and better experience to managers after they are locked/approved/ or the Raise cycle is done.

Compaas Analytics

  • New Department Report available in the By the Numbers section. This shows companywide statistics split up by department, useful for reporting, compliance, and those pesky last-minute board meeting requests!
  • All data: You can now filter data by Department along with job function, zone, etc.
  • Navigation updates – Page names are more consistent and we've consolidated a few stray sections.
  • Performance improvements - Everything is faster thanks to some clever code by new developer Amy!
  • The app behaves better when things go wrong (lost network connection, accidental log out, etc.). We give you more accurate error messages and take you back to login when possible.
  • Distribution by start date: Points now link to the employee's record
  • " Managers with Vesting Employees" card in Equity Overview now links to those manager's team reports. So usable!
  • We now include a list of employees without an associated department in the 'missing data' card.
  • Fixed: Bug showing terminated employees on the Bands Distribution page.
  • OTE improvements:
    • Indicate which bands are OTE on Band Overview page.
    • Change how we show OTE in employee popup and other locations.
  • Always show compa with two digits after the decimal in table views. We like to be precise.

Office and Company Life

  • Welcome to Amy MacKinnon, our fantastic new Software engineer! 👯 💃
  • We held our second annual company BBQ, and everyone's kids ran around like goofy baby elephants. 🐘