What’s New - April 2021

🐞 Bug Fixes and 🎉 Features

Updates to Compaas Analytics:

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved an HR Admin bug when trying to view an employee report as a manager
    • Removed range penetration in employee report if value is null
    • Fixed manager name no longer showing up in vesting progress section
  • Convert salary band targets to USD when comparing multiple zones on salary bands page
  • Added conversion rate table to Analytics dashboard to communicate the currency conversion rates included in the platform
  • Improvements to currency formatters allowing null currency from no-zone employees
  • Added conditional OTE label in Team Report table 
  • Simplified Data Status card to avoid creating incorrect assumptions

Updates to Compaas Rewards:

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved NaN percent rendering when employee has no salary 
    • Removed increment buttons on Stock tab 
    • Fixed level sorting on slates when job level is null
    • Fixed stock allocated percentages on if there were no specified stock budgets
    • Resolved single currency cycle bug where dashboard was failing to load properly
    • Fixed a bug where character space was competing with each other in Missing Data section
    • Fixed export individual pdf bug due to a permissions issue
    • Fixed bug screen showing up after deleting slate when moving an employee raise
  • Several Rewards API request performance enhancements
  • Added a new OTE field to override former variable pay logic
  • Improved performance to rendering of slates containing 100s of employee raises
  • Improvements to the HRBP/PBP UI
    • Removed totals bar in HRBP view to avoid confusion during reconciliation
    • Reorganized how division slates and own slates appear 
  • Added a setting to hide the Promotion Card in Rewards Letters
  • Reintroduced amounts remaining columns to the Slates tab in rewards, and horizontal scrolling!
  • Added new data fields to the Compaas Rewards Export
  • Now showing the approval chain after the slate is approved!
  • Removed promotions box from dashboard totals, and added a promotions column to Employee tab instead
  • Removed promotions box from within slate due to lack of use by users
  • Added Target Pay Rate column to Employees tab in HR Admin view
  • Updated how raise is calculated based for employees with an expected bonus, and how proposed raises are distributed 
  • Added a before/after variable pay tooltip in slates for employees with variable compensation
  • Updated Rewards Letters Dashboard page to include different values for OTE raises

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