What's New - September/October 2019

Release notes and new features for Compaas

🐞 Bugs and 🎉 Features

  • Bug fix: Employee timelines are even better when they contain… performance ratings! 
  • Updated approver features to Compaas Rewards
  • Future view now loads faster!
  • Employees without salary bands can now participate in a Rewards cycle
  • Better navigation! Now we remember the last selected tab you selected when you return
  • Compaas Rewards can now send emails to managers when their slates are ready
  • Better error messages, cute bug icons
  • More robust handling of multiple currencies
  • Bug fix: Executives now appear as managers in Compare by Manager
  • Usability improvements to Distributions
  • Various back-end performance improvements to make updates better
  • You can now click on a single-employee datapoint in the Compa Distributions chart and pop open their employee modals
  • “Managers with vesting employees” card in equity overview now links to team reports

Office and Company Life

  • Welcome to Mathilde Barr, our fantastic new VP of Customer Success! 👯 💃

From the Field

  • Our team went to HRTech and was so happy to see familiar faces!
  • Lisa, our co-founder and CTO, presented on Compaas at Transformational HR Summit hosted by the HR Collective