What's new? May 2019 Edition

Release notes and new features for Compaas

We skipped these notes for April so this will cover two months.

🎉 Features

OTE Bands are a thing! There are cases where comparing employees' base salaries to a base salary band just doesn't work. When different employees in the same grade have different bonus or commission structures, the base salary comparison can be really off-base. Sorry for the pun.

The way OTE bands work now is that if a job family is marked for "comparison against OTE", then when we calculate employee numbers such as compa ratio, we use the employees OTE instead of base salary. The extra work required on top of getting salary data from the HRIS, is getting expected bonus for each employee in an OTE band so we have the right numbers to compare.

Support for multiple names: We now keep an employee's preferred name as the name to use when the employee is displayed on-screen - but we also keep other names for use in accurately identifying the employee to match up imported data (such as option grants made to another name).

🎯 Fixes

  • Our importing of Carta reports is more robust - we can now import Carta data faster, and we can capture grant reasons as well.
  • We fixed a bug in how we showed vesting progress for grants. When the percent exercised was higher than the percent vested, which can be the case if the employee has the option for early exercise, the exercised amount made it look as if the grant was vested at the higher percentage rate. We had the right data underlying this visualization, so we just fixed how it appeared and it's much less confusing now.

🌸 Other Updates

  • We've been settling in at WeWork. They got our name on the door!
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