What’s new — July 2018

Keeping you up-to-date about new features, fixes, and improvements.

Yay, July! And there have been some great updates to Compaas.

🎉 Features

  • Introducing Notes!! You asked for them, and now they're here. Write a Note about an individual, especially context about an employee's total compensation.
  • We updated the Dashboard to answer more of your important questions. 
  • Get summary information about Salary, Headcount, and Equity — all in a glance right from the Dashboard.
  • “Functions generally above/below band” graphs — including band adherence breakdowns — has moved from the Compa Overview to the Dashboard.
  • “Vesting schedule by function” graphs now support different vesting thresholds: 75%, 90%, 100% (was only 100%).

🎯 Fixes

  • Added more updates to help Namely customers have a better experience.
  • The UI is much faster now — give it a try!
  • Updated for significant performance improvements to calculating salary band adherence.

🌸 Other Updates

  • We’ve grown again! Welcome to Compaas, Erica! 💖