Something’s wrong! How do I report a problem?

How to report bugs, system failures, and security issues.

We work hard to keep Compaas running smoothly. But if you find a bug, have a performance issue, or otherwise see something wrong — we want to know! Here’s how you can report problems:


I got an error when using Compaas!

You can report this error to us using your customer Slack channel, or via email at As a Compaas customer, you have a dedicated support team who will answer you directly.

I found a bug in Compaas.

Eek! We want to know about that. You can tell us all about it using your customer Slack channel, or via email at

I can’t get into Compaas, or the site is down.

Please let us know at

I think there might be a security issue. Where do I report that?

We take security very seriously at Compaas. Please provide us as many specifics as possible, either via the chat window in the app or via email at

I have a GDPR or privacy concern. Who should I talk to?

We are here to help. Please reach out to us at

I have another issue or concern to report.

Let’s see what we can do! Drop us an email at