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My HR colleague needs to see Compaas. How do I give them access?

Compaas is useful to different people in your organization, and we want to facilitate that. However, we have to be careful who gets access to compensation data.

Our process for giving access to a new person within your organization is to get a request from your main account person. We establish who that is on signing a contract with your company. Then, when somebody new needs access, your main account person should send an email (with their corporate email account) asking us to grant Compaas access to somebody else. To identify the new person we really just need their email!

Email requesting compaas access

To remove access, the account holder should send a similar email. (Be assured that since we use your company systems to authenticate, anybody who leaves your company and loses access to your company systems will automatically lose access to your Compaas account.)

To change your company's primary account holder, we'd appreciate an email from the current account holder naming who the new account holder should be. Just let us know if you have any questions!