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How to use Compaas as an Approver

Compaas is a compensation platform where managers can login, review, change, and submit proposed pay increases during a compensation review.

Chances are, you have learned that your company will be using Compaas for an upcoming compensation review. You may have been sent an email letting you know that you have been assigned a slate (list of employees) or slates to review. Here's how.

  1. Navigate to Compaas and select the option to sign in with Google.
    Sign in with the email address given to you by your company. If you have trouble logging in, check with your HR team that they have provided the account name and not an email alias.
Wrong email might look like this
  1. Once logged in, you will be taken to a slate review screen. This page shows the status of your budget, along with a row for each of the slates you will be approving or editing.

    Approver--Slates tab_chome
  2. Each row will have the status of the slate, the name of the slate owner, number of reports, each individual slate's budget, how much of the budget has been allocated, how much of the budget is left, currency, and associated notes accessible by clicking the talk bubble at the right of the card.

    If your company works with multiple currencies, you will see an expandable header that shows your budgets per currency. Click the globe icon to view details.

  3. You can click the "All Employees" tab to see a list of people within your slates. You can sort this list by name, status, level, and a number of other factors.

  4. Clicking the slate name or the > arrow will take you to a slate. Slates that are not ready for approval will not be available to select. If you need to override a slate approval, please reach out to HR as only admins can submit on behalf of another account. When you view a slate on your list, you will be able to edit the slate owner's recommendations and save them. Once you have saved, please refresh the page to see the changes applied to your budget, if applicable.

  5. Once you are finished making edits to a slate you are an approver for, you can choose to "Save & Approve". You will be taken to a screen summarizing the proposed raises. You may choose to cancel, leaving the slate unapproved, or "Submit and Approve" which automatically submits your recommendations for approval to anyone higher up in the approval chain. It is recommended that you keep all slates in draft form until you are ready to approve all slates in your group. Once you approve you will no longer be able to make any changes.

  6. After you have approved a slate, it will no longer be editable on your list of slates. Any budget allocated to the approved slate will be reserved and deducted from your budget total. After approving, you will still be able to visit the slate and view a current summary of any proposed compensation adjustments including any adjustments made by an approver higher up in the approval chain.

    Approver--View as Slate Locked_chrome

🌿 That's it! 🌿