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How to use Compaas as a Slate Owner (or Manager)

Compaas is a compensation platform where managers can login, review, change, and submit proposed pay increases during a compensation review.

Chances are, you have learned that your company will be using Compaas for an upcoming compensation review. You may have been sent an email letting you know that you have been assigned a slate (list of employees) or slates to review. Here's how.

  1. Navigate to Compaas and select the option to sign in with Google.
    Sign in with the email address given to you by your company. If you have trouble logging in, check with your HR team that they have provided your account name, and not an email alias.
Wrong email might look like this
  1. Once you have logged in, you will see your slate. This will have the status of your budget, along with a card for each of the team members you will be recommending a raise for.

  2. The card will list the team member's name, role, level, performance, compensation, company adjustment (if relevant), discretionary raise, final compensation, and notes.
  3. The role is located under the team member's name. This is the team member's job title including level, for example, Senior or Associate.
  4. Next to the team member's name is their level. This is a job code used internally that is unique to each level.
  5. Next to the level is their performance rating. These were selected earlier by managers for each of their reports.
  6. The raise field is money that you can allocate to a team member to bring them higher in their pay range. This can be allocated as either a cash amount or as a percentage of their current salary. If you have been given a budget, this money will subtract from your budget and appear as allocated.
  7. The talk bubble at the right of the team member's card can be clicked on to leave a note on the employee's record. You can use this to record reasons for decisions, details about specific compensation changes, or open questions for approvers or HR.

  8. Clicking the background of the person's card expands it to reveal their compensation timeline. The timeline shows any historical compensation data Compaas has available for each person. Clicking the card again closes the timeline.

    Slate--Simple timeline open_chrome
  9. The slate can be saved as a draft at any time. When you choose to "Save and Submit", you will see a screen summarizing your proposed raises. You may choose to cancel, leaving the slate in a draft state, or "Submit and Lock" which automatically submits your recommendations for approval.

  10. Once the slate has been submitted for approval, it will be locked. You will no longer be able to make changes, but while the compensation cycle is open you will be able to log in and review your team's compensation adjustments.Slate--Locked_chrome
    If any changes are made by a slate approver, these will be visible in your review screen.

🌿 That's it! 🌿