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How do I securely give HRIS credentials?

Compaas relies on securely connecting to your backend systems to provide up-to-date compensation insights. Here's how we do that.

Our favourite way to get your data is to securely connect to your backend systems and periodically refresh our copy of that backend data. That way, when you hire and promote, we can soon give you an updated picture of your compensation. Our challenge here is that various backend systems have different ways to authenticate, to provide API tokens, identity tokens, or other credentials.

Here's where our secure credential uploader comes in.

Credential Uploader -filled in

There's a very flexible data model behind this form, so don't sweat the details.

  • The name is for your reference as well as ours, so you know what you've provided.
  • If there's a URL you can enter it, otherwise leave it blank.
  • The username can be blank too (for example, if you're providing an API token that's not associated with an account name).
  • The "Password" field can contain any information that truly needs to be secret, like the password or token or secret key.

When you submit this form, the value of the "Password" field gets encrypted in storage. We decrypt it on our importing systems only, so we can use it while we're accessing some API or reporting system, and never store the unencrypted value.

What if the credential changes?

If an account key changes or the password must change, just create a new credential. We date every upload so we can tell which is the most current.