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How do I connect Compaas to Namely?

Compaas works best with a login to Namely so that we can pull your organizational information (what job tiers mean to you) to help us organize employee information. But we also work with a Namely API key.


The first step is to create a Namely account that is for integration access, possibly specific just to Compaas. Creating API keys associated with an employee account is a little more fragile in case that employee access changes in the future.

Then from that integration access account, open the user icon:

image (2)

Choose API


image (3)

then find the Personal Access Tokens tab:

image (4)


Choose a name for the access token, and press the Create button


image (5)

The result of that will be an access token that will only be shown once. Copy and paste it to a private note before doing anything else!


image (6)

In Compaas, navigate to Data Setup (in the upper right-hand corner menu) and choose "Add New Credentials". Enter the Namely API key as the password for a new credential:


That's it. Let us know, so we can check it out and confirm that it works!