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How do I connect Compaas with a BambooHR API key

BambooHR has a great API key management feature. If you haven't used it before, never fear, it is easy to generate a key and safe to upload it to Compaas with these steps.

The first step is to create a BambooHR account that is for integration access, possibly specific just to Compaas. Creating API keys associated with an employee account is a little more fragile in case that employee access changes in the future.

Then from that integration access account, open user icon:


Click API keys:

2-click api keys

Choose to create an API key:

3-add new key

Give it a name like "Compaas API access":

4-name key

Finally, copy the key and upload it to Compaas securely using our Credentials uploader.

5-copy key

In summary: thank you for using HRIS and Compaas responsibly!